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Reminder – Pack Mentality has move to a new site

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AM News Pack: Federal PUPS Act and update on NC budget cut for animal-welfare division

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Veterinary Practice News offered an update Thursday on the PUPS Act (Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety Act). We haven’t heard much of late about this proposed legislation.

If passed into law, this legislation would amend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) by requiring “high volume retail breeders” to be federally licensed and regularly inspected. It seems basically the regulations would apply to any breeder sells more than 50 puppies each year by Internet, telephone or newspaper.

Interactive Commentary – Things puppy mill dogs never get to do

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I’ve been thinking about a post such as this for some time and I’m finally getting around to it. I’m really troubled by the vision of dogs crammed into cages in puppy mills, living day after day with no access to anything such as playtime or compassion.

So I want to develop a list of things puppy mill dogs never get to do.

Life-saving dog in the running for national award

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A Portland, Ore. dog is a top-10 finalist for the Dogs of Valor award sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States.

Ceili is a 15-year-old lab-mix who hounded (no pun … okay pun intended) one of her guardians for much of one August day. As reported by The Oregonian, Ceili followed Danny Fincher from room to room, licked his arms and legs and sniffed his breath.

Missouri Senate pushes a bill forward to change Proposition B

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The story posted on the St. Louis Business Journal website reports the Missouri Senate gave a preliminary thumbs up Tuesday to a new bill that could make drastic changes to the anti-puppy mill measure known as Proposition B.

If the bill gets past the State House and the governor’s signature, it would eliminate the 50-dog limit for breeders and decriminalizes the violations voted into law last November by voters.

Budget-cutting proposals in NC include elimination of Animal Welfare Division

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The North Carolina Chapter of the Humane Society of the United States is reporting that the North Carolina Department of Agriculture has submitted a budget proposal that includes cutting the state’s Animal Welfare Division.

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The New Pack Mentality Blog site is up and running.

I have officially kicked off the process of moving blog operations to the new Pack Mentality Blog site.


I will still post here during the transition, to give everyone a chance to find and switch over to the new site.

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Study: Hens react with emotion when chicks are in discomfort

I found a very interesting article in, reporting on a study conducted on hens at England’s University of Bristol. It seems the mother hens reacted in a rather extreme way if they felt their chicks were in distress.

It is believed the hens are showing empathy. The hens were separated from the chicks during the experiments but were in close proximity. When puffs of air were directed at the chicks, the hens “responded more intensely with a stress response equivalent to fight-or-flight behavior,” according to the article.

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PM News Pack: dog fighting bust, the AKC and letters on Prop B

Links galore tonight as we look at articles and editorials from an arrest of 24 suspects in a dog-fighting ring to thoughts on the American Kennel Club to two letters supporting Missouri’s Proposition B anti-puppy mill measure.

First, let’s go to the two letters to the editor that appeared on the Kansas City Star website. These letters relate to an effort in the Missouri legislature to overturn Prop B, which passed by a vote of the people.

The first letter-writer wonders if some those wishing to overturn the measure might “operate their own puppy mills.” And she adds – “Why were we even given the opportunity to vote if our opinion means nothing?

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