Tennessee State House committees table two important bills on animal cruelty and environmental issues

According to an article on NashvilleCityPaper.com, committees in the Tennessee legislature failed to advance one bill designed to curb mountaintop mining and another meant to advance animal cruelty to farm animals to felony status.

The animal cruelty bill failed to get a motion in the House agriculture committee.

The Tennessee State House environmental subcommittee adjourned without voting on the bill to ban the dynamiting of mountaintops. This practice is horrible for the local environment and more specifically for wildlife habitat.

The material blown off the mountaintop is routinely dumped into streams down the mountainside. Beyond the obvious negative affects to wildlife, is the destruction of the beautiful mountain ranges.

The aftermath of this mining practice results in a flattened, ugly view where there had been majestic beauty. The mining companies claim their replanting practices are great. But their efforts fall flat in comparison to the natural wonders that serve as the before pictures.


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