In the news: NY man kills girlfriend’s dog and California man charged will killing neighbor’s cat

This sort of news is getting to be far too common. One individual pleads guilty to beating his girlfriend’s Chihuahua to death in Staten Island, NY. And across the map, another man is charged with killing a neighbor’s cat with a pellet gun.

Felony animal cruelty charges could be forthcoming in the California case, but the man in New York will only have to serve weekends in jail for three months and engage in 100 hours of community service after a misdemeanor plea deal.

No doubt similar cases have been reported for decades now, but there seems to be a marked increase in these reports more recently. Our society needs to takes vigorous steps to better educate young people about compassion for animals.

Compassionate kids become compassionate adults. And don’t forget, we are all role models in this regard. Pass along compassion by engaging in kindness to animals and discussing these acts with the children around you.


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