Animal Advocacy: Where am I going with this?

Thought I’d add a few thoughts on where I’m going with this new blog.

I’ve been writing about animals for about a decade now, through columns in the longer term before adding in this blogging aspect in more recent years. Initially, there were slight worries about whether or not I could keep fresh topics in the columns weekly. And certainly more topics of interest have to arise every day for a blog.

Those worries are long gone, on having enough topics to write regularly about. Press releases and news alerts pour into my in-box each day. The most time-consuming aspect of my work right now is filtering through my e-mails.

I have developed this new Pack Mentality blog as an avenue for national topics and issues of interest to animal lovers – such as puppy mills, greyhound racing, dog fighting, new legislation, pet overpopulation and spay/neuter.

The common thread to these and other topics is animal advocacy and promoting compassion for animals. Over time, I’ll talk a lot about self-awareness, state of consciousness and cognition.

I can’t stress enough the importance of understanding consciousness and how it relates to how we should treat animals. Any being with a state of consciousness has the capacity to experience emotion and thus emotional pain and suffering.

We must work together – with a Pack Mentality of education and unity – to protect animals from undo pain and suffering. At times, animal advocates from local rescue volunteers to organizers of national groups must feel overwhelmed or feel they’ll never reach the big goals before them.

I try to stay positive in comparing where the movement has been, where it is now and then where we need to go – in the short and long-term.

Thanks for reading everyone. I’ll be right here just about everyday, working with the best tools I have at my disposal – the keyboard and an internet connection.

If you haven’t done so as yet, please consider following the blog on Facebook, at – Facebook/Pack-Mentality-Blog.


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