More on horse-slaughter bills in three states

The Missouri state legislature is not alone on the list of states where recent horse-slaughter bills have been introduced.

In Tennessee, a bill to allow horse slaughtering is scheduled to be discussed in a House finance committee on Wednesday (April 7).

In Illinois, a sponsor of a bill to legalize the practice pulled it for the 2010 House session.

But in Florida, proposed legislation seems to go in the other direction on the horse-slaughter issue and makes it a “third-degree felony to illegally kill, maim, mutilate or cause great bodily harm or permanent breeding disability to any equine.”

We just can’t go backward on this issue.

I will try to find out more about the Florida legislation, which I’m not completely clear on. One site I found quotes the bill – “knowingly transport, distribute, sell, purchase, or possess horsemeat for human consumption that is not clearly stamped, marked, and described as horsemeat for human consumption or horsemeat that is not acquired from a licensed slaughterhouse.”

Wouldn’t it be better to ban the practice completely? – not just as it relates to being marked for human consumption?


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