District council in United Kingdom adopts animal welfare charter

While I’m not familiar with the local governmental structure in the United Kingdom, it’s clear this story indicates the people in this community are taking a stand on animal welfare.

The Stroud District Council, according the story posted on StroudNewsandJournal.co.uk, enacted an Animal Welfare Charter to promote the principle that “creatures have the right to a life free from cruelty and unnecessary suffering.”

It lays out five basic freedoms for animals (quoted from the article):

– Freedom from fear and distress

– Freedom from hunger or thirst

– Freedom from pain, injury or disease

– Freedom to express normal behaviour

– And freedom from discomfort

What a great move this is. What a great community this must be to live in. I’m a homebody and I’ve never moved away from my hometown in North Carolina, but if I heard about a town or city in the United States that had adopted such a charter, I’d be tempted to move there.

When I look at this list of freedoms, I see it can be applied directly as the case against industries such as puppy mills, greyhound racing and too many mass-production factory farms.

I think Stroud has set a standard for communities everywhere to live by – in fact for towns, cities, states and countries across the globe to live by.

These are five basic principles of freedom, for animals and humans. It’s a great list, but I’m trying to decide if there any other principles that could be added to the list. Or is it complete?

Your thoughts? ….


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