Important greyhound news from three states

GREY2K USA sent out a news alert Tuesday highlighting three significant news stories that relate to greyhound racing.

In Florida, a local TV station reports on a case of alleged neglect at the Pensacola race track. In New Hampshire, the state legislature is another step closer to ending greyhound racing within it borders. And the Birmingham News in Alabama ran a guest column by GREY2K board member Jennifer Krebs.

Let’s start with New Hampshire, where the greyhounds already got a 253 to 113 vote in their favor in the House of Representatives. After a 6-1 committee vote early this week, the bill to end dog racing now goes to the full Senate for a vote next week.

At last report, the state’s two tracks are not holding live races, but do provide simulcast of races from other states. The bill could halt the reintroduction of racing at the tracks.

In Florida, a Pensacola kennel owner no longer has her license after an investigation into alleged severe neglect of greyhounds there – WEAR ABC 3 :: Top Stories.

State investigators found dogs in very poor health and there was such a strong smell of urine it burned their eyes. Due to their state of health, 23 of the dogs were euthanized.

And in the Birmingham News,  Jennifer Krebs offers first-hand account of her visits to a Birmingham racing kennel to rescue some of the dogs there.

Reading the comments below Krebs’ column reminds me to once again note that the racing industry consistently suggests numbers in the 90-percent range as the adoption rate for racing greyhounds. But conveniently for the industry and tragically  for the dogs, the number that die each year and never make out are left out of these reported percentages.

It’s fuzzy math to an unmatched level. It would be like a business reporting a 90 percent profit, while ignoring any costs during the year. And I made $10 million last year, if you count the almost $10 million that I did not receive in pay.


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  1. Posted by D Gary Grady on April 7, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    The reports from Florida and Alabama remind me of claims that greyhounds live lives of luxury, dining on gourmet food, getting massages, lounging in Jacuzzis, and hanging out at nightclubs with Michael Steele. Maybe some greyhounds do live like that, but the industry pretext that all do is hard to swallow.


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