Oklahoma puppy mill shuts down

An alleged Oklahoma puppy mill voluntarily closed down recently and called in rescuers to take in more than 100 dogs. Is it the state of the economy that sent sales downward for this operation or a more-informed public – or both?

The conditions in the news story were described as “deplorable” at the site. That seems to be the norm for these mass-breeding operations.

The story posted on NewsOn6.com suggests fewer people are buying puppies in the state, due in large part to current economic conditions. I’m hoping the bigger cause is a better-educated public. I’m hoping more people are learning they can get a great dog in rescue. I’m hoping more people realize a piece of paper with “AKC” on it doesn’t mean anything more than a signed adoption form from your local shelter or rescue group.

I’m hoping more people are learning they can find just about any breed of dog available for adoption from an area breed-rescue organization or shelter. And I think there is increasing awareness as to what it means to rescue a homeless pet. Not only do we bring in a new family member, we’re also saving a life.

Maybe I’m being too positive about this and the reduced revenue for commercial breeding operations is more about the economy than an educated and compassionate public. But I hope I’m right and all of the news stories and media attention and education is having a positive impact.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rachel on April 16, 2010 at 8:23 pm

    OMG!! I Heard About That Puppy Mill Closing Down…..!!!! :DD

    My Friends And I Threw A Little Party To Celebrate…..!!!


  2. Great Blog and Info; thanks


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