Good news building for greyhounds in three states

State legislatures in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts have taken positive steps forward for the welfare of greyhounds.

In Rhode Island, the State House joined the Senate in approving a bill that could end dog racing in the state. But the two branches will have to work out similar language before the package heads to the governor’s desk.

The Providence Journal reports there are a lot of other issues involved with this bill, but certainly the ban on dog racing is great!

A Massachusetts bill concerning casinos is working its way through the State House and GREY2K USA is reporting the measure contained language that might have required the facilities to offer simulcast racing from other states. Recall this state banned live dog racing through a ballot measure and vote of the people in 2008.

But GREY2K is reporting an amendment was recently approved by the House, to push back the possibility of simulcast betting.

And nearby New Hampshire took another step this past week in the direction of banning greyhound racing with a huge vote in the State Senate.  A story posted on notes the measure will now head back to the House for final approval of some minor changes.

The following is a YouTube file featuring a speech from Senator Sheila Roberge, from the floor of the Senate.


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