News Alert: Robeson County shelter will stop using the heart stick

In a story posted Monday on, Robeson County (NC) officials have reported the heart stick will no longer be used to euthanize animals at the county shelter.

This is tremendously good news and means the far more humane method of injection into a vein will be used.

But there is one area to investigate on this story, as it relates to this paragraph from the Robesonian story –

“An animal cannot be sedated during intravenous euthanization because sedation reduces blood flow, which collapses veins so they’re more difficult to find. Instead, one worker holds the animal, and another finds a vein to inject a shot sodium pentobarbital.”

I am posting this news as it came late to my inbox Tuesday morning, but I really need to check into this statement. Typically, sedation is used first to calm the animal before the lethal injection. At first read, the statement that an “animal cannot be sedated during intravenous euthanization” appears to be incorrect.

I’ll be checking into this issue right away. But there is no doubt that sedation should be used before the injection – for the benefit of the animals and for the safety of the shelter employees.

And of course, there is still the problematic level of homelessness all across the county and the preventable loss of life for these homeless pets.


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