A Pack of News: May 5

Animal Law Coalition – Pennsylvania Senate Bill 672, currently working its way through the committee level, would ban the use of gas chambers in the state.

Examiner.com: In case you missed this one – the Georgia State House voted 115-36 last week to ban the use of the gas chamber in the state.

A previous amendment had pushed the effective date back to January 1, 2013, but thankfully another 11th-hour amendment passed to set December 31, 2010 as the date. The Senate approved House Bill 788 by a 37-8 vote.

If the governor signs the legislation, Grace’s Law will finally ban gassing in another state. More need to follow this lead.

From the Examiner.com piece – “The grassroots voter effort spearheaded by the Georgia Voters for Animal Welfare, and the dedication of bill sponsor Representative Tom Knox have taken Grace’s Law to the brink of passage.  The people of Georgia have called their legislators by the thousands to urge the ban on this cruel and outmoded practice.”

The citizens of Georgia who spoke out in support of this legislation and those who worked so hard for its passage, deserve a lot of credit for getting this done.

The 33TV.com – Federal authorities have issued an arrest warrant for the owner of U.S. Global Exotics, Inc. – after an investigation led to the seizure of 26,000 animals, some dead or near death.

It is being billed as one of the largest animal-cruelty cases in US History.


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