Update: The puppy mill news is pouring in

After my morning post on a couple of news stories from North Carolina and Oklahoma, more news came across the Pack Mentality wire.

In Guilford County, NC, DigTriad.com is reporting the phones at the county shelter are ringing off the hook with inquiries about adopting the dogs seized from the Rush Kennel case.

The even better news is officials at the shelter are suggesting all of the dogs could be adopted out within a week or so. The reporter on this story also interviewed one person who purchased a dog from Rush Kennel and was shocked to hear about the conditions found there during the recent investigation.

I hope a lot of people will read this story and the message will get out to at least a few more people. Anyone refusing any other options but to purchase a dog or cat needs to engage in a high degree of research, demand to see the parent dogs or cats in person and visit the kennel for a tour of the entire facility. If the kennel operator refuses the tour or will not allow a visit with the parents, then they should walk away as quickly as possible.

And potential buyers need to know that a fancy website is no clear indicator for the conditions the parent dogs are living through an any particular kennel operation.

This is one of the key messages we need to spread far and wide. But of course, the far more important message is that rescue dogs and cats make  greatest pets on the planet.

Also – NewsOn6.com has more information on the story about the governor of Oklahoma signing the state’s breeding bill into law. The comment sections contains some interesting responses as well.

And in a new story, 87 dogs were dogs were seized this week from an alleged puppy mill in Richburg, SC. Some the dogs were housed inside the home, but others were caged in storage units on the property, where the stench was so bad, the responding officers had to air out out building for several hours before entering to inspect the dogs.


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