Editorial counters the arguments used against puppy mill regulations

I’ve written a lot about puppy mills of late – mainly in response to the steady stream of news on this issue. And here I go again, but this time I’ll yield to another opinion piece on the topic.

A recent editorial by the Bristol Herald Courier Editorial Board properly countered some to the arguments being used by individuals who are against the recent trend of anti-puppy mill legislation.

I particularly like the opening paragraph – “Listening to the lame excuses from resistant breeders only makes the logic behind Virginia’s “Puppy Mill Bill” grow stronger.”


2 responses to this post.

  1. If you are set on buying a puppy please download and read, “How To Buy A Puppy” before you consider parting with your money. It is free at http://www.howtobuyapuppy.net

    Buying a puppy without problems is harder than most people think. Finding a responsible and knowledgeable breeder is very difficult.


  2. Posted by D Gary Grady on May 10, 2010 at 9:59 pm

    Many people understandably want a friendly, playful puppy, but there are two problems, one obvious and one not: The obvious one is that you don’t get to keep the puppy; it grows up. The second problem, touched on by the page referenced in Glenn Massie’s comment (above) is that in turning from puppy to adult the dog passes through an often difficult adolescent stage. So it’s not just a kindness to the animal when you adopt an adult dog from a shelter or rescue organization. It can actually be better for the humans as well. For one thing, you have a better shot at knowing the dog’s long-term personality and temperament.


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