Tony La Russa to appear on “Housecat Housecall”

I’m a huge, but struggling Chicago Cubs fan, but I must admit some allegiances to the St. Louis Cardinals – because of the animal-welfare work of manager Tony La Russa. He founded the Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) back in 1991.

La Russa will be appearing on a third-season episode of the Animal Planet series “Housecat Housecall.”

With so many terrible role models for kids splashed across the headlines everyday now, it’s great to see celebrities or sports stars like La Russa stepping forward to do good things. Kids need to be able to look up to stars who set positive examples, as opposed to those who are boozing it up and drugging it up every weekend and violating the trust of their own families.

And of course, of equal importance, is spreading the message of compassion for animals.


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