Two Videos: Gin’s got talent and an odd couple at the sanctuary

I found two great YouTube videos …

First – Gin and her human dance it up on “Britain’s Got Talent”

And then we have …

…  “The Animal Odd Couple” – featuring two unusual best friends at an elephant sanctuary.

I defy anyone to watch this video and then tell me I’m wrong about what I discuss in terms of the level of self-awareness, state of consciousness and cognition in animals. Tara the elephant and Bella the dog have bonded to an extent that clearly shows a love for each other.

How can anyone not understand this ability in animals and how can anyone see these facts and still support cruelty or the torturing of animals? This single video is evidence enough to understand how advanced animal cognition and consciousness is. We, as a society must protect animals from abuse and neglect – and our laws should include far better protections for them.

The caring, compassion and love these two representatives of physically diverse species show for each other exceeds what we see in a percentage of the human population. If we look at the picture on this level, animals from dogs to elephants to many other species deserve more rights under the legal system than – at minimum – the people who commit crimes against them.

A system that slaps animal abusers such as the operators of dog fighting rings on the wrist, while giving animals no more rights that a piece of furniture is totally unjust and completely warped.


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