Pack of News of the Day: May 21

The old in-box has been flooded this week with troubling news from around map. The following is just a few picked from a tragic lot.

Six Mississippi school kids charged with animal cruelty: reports six kids on a school outing were witnessed beating a duck with a plastic baseball bat.

The duck was injuried but wandered off. Let’s hope these children, aged 12 to 13, receive some intensive counsiling, along with the proper legal punishment for their alledged acts of cruelty.

Pennsylvania puppy mill operator sentenced for animal cruelty: The owner of Almost Heaven Kennel was sentenced this week and will reportedly spend six months to two years in jail, based on a pair of animal cruelty counts.

During a 2008 raid on the kennel, dogs were found with “severe, painful matting and a variety of skin, eye and upper respiratory ailments.”

Cary, NC woman faces charges: The Raleigh News and Observer is reporting a women in Cary, NC is facing one count of cruelty to animals and another for “improperly disposing of a dead domesticated animal.”

A dead Siberian Husky puppy was found the closet of her home. Police said it had been dead for more than a week.

65 dogs seized in puppy mill raid: Authorities raided an alledged Oklahoma puppy mill Monday where they found more than 60 dogs living in conditions described as “filthy” in wire-bottom cages.

No arrest had been made as of the publishing of the story on Tuesday.

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