Update on Robeson County shelter lawsuit

The Robesonian out of Lumberton, NC reports a district court judge gave a mixed ruling Monday in a case pitting the Robeson County animal shelter versus the Gerber Animal Law Center out of Raleigh, NC.

On the up side, a restraining order remains in place, meaning no animal reserved by a group or individual can be euthanized. And animals can be placed on hold via fax, but they must be picked up within 24 hours of the expiration of the mandatory 120-hour hold period.

On the down side, the judge basically ruled the county does not have to use a fostering system because it isn’t required by the state and that the shelter was not in violation of state law in the practice of keeping half of the kennel space open. The Robeson shelter reportedly transfers the homeless animals to open kennels during cleaning operations.

This 50-50 system might simplify the cleaning process, but it means more animals die – for lack of space. If North Carolina state law allows for this practice, the state legislature needs to fix the loophole in short order.


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