Greyhound racing in the news – from Alabama to Guam to the UK

Two more recent news stories add to the case against greyhound racing. Another is good news for greyhounds that might have become racers in Guam.

Let’s start with Guam, where Senator Tom Ada introduced a bill last week that would bar any potential return of dog racing there.

A Pacific News Center story notes the bill calls greyhound racing – “a profit-driven industry that utilizes canines solely to generate revenue.”

Guam’s racetrack closed in 2008. Let’s hope this bill becomes law, to ensure no dog has suffer there again.

A blog entry on reports on the recent news of a dog at Birmingham Race Course testing positive for cocaine. This is not the first time this has happened. There is some debate on how cocaine might be used to enhanced performance.

The fact that the racing commission rescinded the purse from a race the dog won in October of 2009 is evidence that the racing commission must believe cocaine played a role in the results.

This story only adds to the long list of horrors inflicted on greyhounds for sake of gambling profits.

And then we go overseas for the news that racing dogs in a kennel in Great Britain were found starving, with open wounds – and their small cages smelled of urine and feces.

In the story, Tony Peters of the group Greyhound Action is quoted as saying – “We are calling on the public not to attend dog tracks or bet on greyhound racing, so this death industry fades away through lack of financial support.”


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