Australia shows backbone in filing lawsuit against Japan’s whaling

Australia filed an international lawsuit this week, challenging Japan’s whaling practices and its assertion that the whaling is for research. For it’s action, Australia gets the Pack Justice Award of the Week.

For one thing, Japan’s research excuse would be like a husband telling his telling wife that his 10 trips to the buffet line and the dessert bar are for research into weight gain.

An story reports the whale meat is sold in special whale restaurants and included in public school lunch programs. Japan is callously attempting to decimate the Earth’s whale populations for profit and then has kids eating the meat. Are they trying to maintain a customer base with this practice – like cigarette advertising for kids?

New Zealand might step in with its own lawsuit.

Morocco will be the site this month for an important International Whaling Commission meeting, one where the seas could be opened back up to limited commercial whaling. It would be a terrible move on the commission’s part, in a time when we need stronger protections for marine wildlife.


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