Interesting essay on animals and emotion

The Guardian – out of the UK – recently posted an essay by a writer named Ros Coward, covering the topic of animals and their emotional lives.

The writer sort of bounces back and forth at times, but at one point states – “For many years I have wanted to see an end to claims of human superiority based on the belief that animals, even if they feel, do not have the “higher” emotions of humans based on the capacity for symbolisation and self-awareness.”

She tosses out the phrase “anthropomorphism.” But again, I have to note that those of who support the position that animals do indeed experience emotions, are talking about shared emotions that both humans and animals experience.

At another point, Coward rightfully notes – “Anthropomorphism is, of course, a term of insult and one of the key ways in which the human species has been able to disregard the abuse we have inflicted on animals.”

The entire piece is worth the read and is thought-provoking, but I am not in full agreement with some of the ideas presented.


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