Pack of Puppy Mill News – June 3 out of Nebraska reports 35 dogs were rescued this week from a mass-breeding operation in Omaha.

Many of the dogs were in poor condition and the description of the way they were housed is so typical of this type of operation – and is very sad.

A Fox News story posted Wednesday notes hundreds of dogs were removed from a kennel operation in Lehigh County, Pa. Monkeys, birds and horses on the property also reportedly “showed signs of abuse.”

The name of the facility – “Almost Heaven Kennel.” – From this report, apparently not so much for the animals there.

The Chicago Suns Times ran an Associated Press story last week that includes a bit more information about the scathing report on the USDA’s lax enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. The report showed USDA inspectors routinely let breeders off the hook, where cases of abuse or neglect were uncovered.

From the Sun Times (AP) piece – “”The report recommends that the animal care unit at the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service immediately confiscate animals that are dying or seriously suffering, and better train its inspectors to document, report and penalize wrongdoing.””

This could be an important step – if the “seriously suffering” category includes dogs and cats living 24/7 in tiny cages. The enforcement and any legislation going after puppy mills needs to address the practice of caging dogs and cats to be nothing more breeding machines.

And finally, here’s a link to the website, where readers got a chance to respond to the airing of the show – “Animal Planet Investigates: Petland.”


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  1. I look at my little puppy mill rescues every day & wonder how many more 1000s are out there waiting for rescue or death…. I am trying to get a USDA license so I can go to the puppy mill auctions & buy out the sickest ones. They sell the puppies at these events by the pound, how sick is that? It does give you an idea of the value they place on them… or lack thereof


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