EPA could pull West Virginia mountaintop mine permit

This is slightly old news, but I felt it important to report, from the in-case-you-missed-it file.

I’ve got links to two blogs presenting information about the EPA’s possible move to yank the permit for the Spruce No.1 coal mine in Logan County, West Virginia. Through June 1, the EPA was taking public comment on the issue.

If allowed to move forward, Spruce No. 1 could expand to become the largest mountaintop mining removal operation in the country.

How our federal government or any state has allowed mountaintop removal is one the great moral environmental questions of our day. Would mining companies be allowed to dig up and destroy hundreds of miles of beach strand near Miami or along the shoreline in California? Would anyone allow the Great Lakes to be drained dry to collect minerals from the bottom?

What is happening with mountaintop removal not only destroys some the Earth’s most beautiful places, but the operations also pollute the streams below.

This practice, along with the system that has led to the Gulf Gusher Disaster, is the result of uncontrolled greed consuming some of our industries and our government. This hand of greed stretching from entities such as Big Oil and Big Coal to grab control of our government – from the federal to state levels – must be severed for good.


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