A MUST-READ report on BP’s 2009 Gulf spill plan

EVERYONE needs to read the Associated Press article linked below. It shows the oil companies (especially BP) cannot be trusted as far as we could throw a 200-pound tar ball.
And it shows the people and agencies that have been given the task of overseeing the oil companies for many years now can’t be trusted.
And as importantly, it shows the people running BP and these government agencies are more than stupid. I believe there was movie line that best describes them – “galactically stupid.”

BP’s 2009 response plan for a Gulf of Mexico oil spill includes a man listed as a wildlife expert who died in 2005. The plan includes a list of marine mammals such walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals that don’t live in the Gulf region.

Who wrote this report and who approved it? Say it with me – “the galactically stupid.”

From the Associated Press story

“” “”

In the spill scenarios detailed in the documents, fish, marine mammals and birds escape serious harm; beaches remain pristine; water quality is only a temporary problem. And those are the projections for a leak about 10 times worse than what has been calculated for the ongoing disaster.

“” “”

And there are more egregious errors and misstatements from BP in its report. These statements only add to the pile of egregious errors and misstatements since the Gulf rig exploded.

We can’t let these people oversee the drilling for oil, putting the Gulf and other regions at further risk.

This – the biggest environmental disaster in our nation’s history – should be a game-changing moment, when our leaders across the board put forth a firm commitment to developing alternative, clean, renewable energy sources.

It’s a man-on-the-moon moment, when the President and congressional leaders on both sides should be united in this cause. We need to hear something on the order of – “We will have in place alternative, affordable power sources for cars and trucks in use and on the market in mass production by the end of this decade.”

We don’t want to hear 2040 or even 2030. These extended timelines we’ve heard – even on better fuel efficiency standards – are a scam, designed to give oil companies and car manufactures more years to rake in billions in profits and billions in bonuses for the CEO types.

And we need to be told that no longer will the oil companies and the powerful be allowed to lobby congress to hold back the development of alternative sources of energy.

We need to know that the decades-long death-grip the powerful have had on our federal and state governments will be removed.
Will any of this happen? It unfortunately is not likely. But we should all be shouting to make it happen.

This current disaster was many years in the making, as regulators looked the other way because the oil companies had too many elected lobbyists making sure they got their way.
The people who took donations from the energy companies in exchange for their votes now have bloody oil on their hands.


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