Investigation: Japan buying votes for IWC meeting?

A story posted on on Sunday reviews the results of an undercover investigation by the Sunday Times in Great Britain. The Sunday Times filmed officials from several nations allegedly selling their votes for the upcoming International Whaling Commission meeting.

At the meeting, a big vote will take place on opening waters back up for whaling. Japan is pushing the proposal, which is a clear indication that this is not good news for the whales.

MSNBC reports – “The officials admitted on camera that they voted pro-whaling because of generous aid packages from Japan.”

The Sunday Times piece suggests “six countries were willing to consider selling their votes on the International Whaling Commission (IWC).”

At a time when our oceans contain dead zones, huge islands of trash, other pollutants and depleted fish populations, it is not time to lift protections for any ocean wildlife populations. And certainly whales are right at the top of the list, when it comes to marine life needing more protections.


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