Who will vote for this candidate?

One individual on the ballot for school board in Jefferson County, Ala. has a resume that includes “convictions for harassment, following a domestic violence charge, and animal cruelty” – according to a story from the Birmingham News.

His defense for these cases shows an incredible lack of remorse.

In 2003, he was arrested on domestic violence charge for slamming his wife’s arm in doorway – at a local church – during one of their son’s church-league basketball games. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of harassment.

And back in 2000, he admits he fed a neighbor’s dog deer meat laced with antifreeze. Two of the dogs died and a third faced extensive veterinary treatments to save its life.

His excuse for killing the dogs –

“” “”

“I had a problem with the Jefferson County Animal Control failing to help me,” he said. Having grown up on a dairy farm, Grissom said, he was used to having to take care of things himself.

“I was stepping in dog mess all the time, and all the neighbors around here were complaining, but nobody would do anything,” he said. “One night I just snapped.”

“” “”

And this is a person who believes he’s right for the job on a local school board. He snapped after stepping in dog poop. He killed two defenseless pets over something that can hosed off your shoe. (Note that I’m NOT suggesting it’s okay for anyone to allow their dogs to poop in a neighbor’s yard.)

He was sentenced to attend anger management classes, faced two years of probation and paid a fine. An individual who admitted killing two dogs with antifreeze apparently didn’t serve any time in prison. At least Michael Vick had to serve some time.

For the “harassment” admission, he was fined and served two years of probation.

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  1. […] in second chances.  I believe that people can be rehabilitated.  I do not, however, believe that people who feed deer meat laced with antifreeze to dogs  should be elected to their local school bo…, especially when they show very little remorse.    I feel the same way about wife-beaters.  […]


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