NC Senate sends ‘Susie’s Law’ to governor’s desk

The North Carolina Senate voted positively Wednesday on the passage of Susie’s Law, which will increase the penalties for animal abuse. The bill moves now to the desk of Governor Bev Perdue for her signature.

The Raleigh News & Observer story states the legislation will make “torturing an animal a higher grade felony and it elevates starving an animal to death from a misdemeanor to a felony.”

The Greensboro News & Record ran an Associated Press story on Wednesday with the following –

“” “”

The punishment could be up to eight months behind bars, but a judge could agree to community service instead.

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Let’s hope the judges use better judgment and go with the prison time, otherwise, they could be putting animals  and people at greater risk.

Susie’s Law is named for a pit bull mix who at 8 weeks old was beaten, burned and left for dead by a Greensboro man who only got probation for the evil act.

The vote was 47-0 in the Senate. What a great result, with Democrats and Republicans united on this issue. And this is true – animal welfare issues do cross the political spectrum.
Now, these same elected officials in the NC House and Senate need to get behind the anti-puppy mill bill working its way through committees.
Abusing animals and starving them? – Yeah, that’s happening in puppy mills all across the country.
But that is another issue. In the case of Susie’s Law, the vote is very positive in the NC House and Senate and those who voted for it need to be congratulated.

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