The animals at most risk from the BP Gulf Oil Disaster

A dead whale was found in the Gulf of Mexico this week, floating 77 miles from the BP disaster site. It might be the first whale victim of the Gulf Oil Gusher – or at least the first known whale victim. has also listed the animals at most risk from the ongoing and massive flow of oil – the Atlantic bluefin tuna, sea turtles, dolphins, brown pelicans and oysters. Of course, this is just a partial list.

And then we watch BP reps and other oil execs spewing statements – like gushing oil – that continue to rip open the curtain to reveal what the Wizards of Oil are really thinking. And some of the politicians involved are getting in on the act.

Now we’re known as “small people.” I watched one exec tried to explain away the “small people” statement. But a closed-caption translation might have read – ‘Why do I have to try make excuses here? We believe those who are not among the elite are small people.’

And then we have at least one elected official apologizing to BP and he apparently doesn’t think the people who are struggling with no income right now – because of the actions of BP – deserve compensation.

The BP officials could take a page from the actions of the Major League Baseball umpire that blew the call in the recent perfect game – or near perfect game. When he realized he had blown the call, he stepped forward to admit he was wrong.

He didn’t flower-up his statements. He just met the error head on and went to the locker room to tell the players involved he was sorry for what he had done and it was huge blunder. The BP elite won’t do that. They lawyered-up from Day 1 and have lied and underestimated the disaster every step of the way.

I keep hearing statements from BP defenders, trying to suggest this is only time an offshore rig has leaked oil. With these and other statements of late, it seems the truth is at risk of extinction along with a number of wildlife species.

And in fact, the Deepwater Horizon rig isn’t the only rig leaking oil right now in the Gulf of Mexico.


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