Pack Focus: Animal Abuse News – June 20

Sadly, we’re reading more news about animal abuse cases. I’m hoping the trend is due to an increase of late in media attention, which might be exposing more of these cases – as opposed to an actual increase in the number of cases of animal cruelty across the nation.

In Baltimore, Md., the does appear to be a troubling trend, as reported recently by WBAL-TV. Even more troubling is the fact there are more cases of kids abusing animals.

So there is a push underway to include education programs about the proper treatment of animals in schools and in faith-based programs.

And of course, these abuse cases are not limited to particular continents. The Daily Record in the UK posted a story Saturday on its website about what police in one town are calling the worst case of animal cruelty they’ve ever seen.

A cat was burned in a  microwave oven, placed in a drier and then into a freezer, before the sick individual or others tried to drown it dishwater. Somehow, the cat survived, but the little 4-year-old boy who loves the cat is described as heartbroken about what happened to his pet.

And the New York Daily News tells the tale of a little Yorkshire terrier who was left for dead, clearly in a terrible state of neglect. The story suggest some of the increase in neglect cases in New York could be due to the tough economy.

For some, the times are indeed tough. But when a pet is suffering, these folks need to reach out for help and not allow the pet to reach the physical state described in this story.

Beyond these cases, are folks who just don’t care. And that fact takes us back to the need for more compassion education in our schools and churches.


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