Pack O’ News from all over …

So much going on – and the news is flying in on various topics. So let’s just go link-crazy today.

Petland has been the focus of a number of stories in recent years, alleging the chain sells puppy mill puppies. We all know it’s just not a good idea to buy a dog or cat from a store, with the extreme odds that the puppies or kittens are indeed from a mill operation.

But I was surprised to find this story about a Petland store in Wheaten, Ill., which has switched to adoption only, through a partnership with A Love Of Homeless Animals Rescue.

New regulations for the care of working dogs in Colorado are being proposed by the Colorado Pet Animal Care Facilities Program. If implemented, one of the rules would require 60 minutes per day off of their chains for sled dogs in the state.

The News First story reports 100 dogs starving sled dogs were rescued in December from a kennel in Park County.

And Animal Welfare Education is going to be part of the national curriculum for schools Uganda.

From the story on

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Connie Kateeba, the director of NCDC (National Curriculum Development Centre), says it is aimed at giving children more knowledge about the protection of all animals and environment.



Kateeba says the new programme will guide people on how to live in harmony with both domestic and wild animals in the same environment for improved benefits.

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What a great decision. Across the globe, teaching kids compassion for all living creatures will foster better citizens and hopefully a reduction in the incidences of animal cruelty.


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