Three more examples of how animal cruelty is gaining more attention

I’m seeing more news stories concerning animal cruelty and how local law enforcement offices and government entities are paying closer attention to this issue.

This problem needs to gain more attention from the media across the board, so I’m hoping this trend continues. With a heightened level of awareness nationally and internationally, it is quite possible more and more people will join in the cause and become active in advocating for animals. – A seminar was held last week at Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Newtonville, Mass., with social workers and police officers discussing the connection between domestic violence and animal abuse.

One paragraph from the story offers some troubling statistics –

“” “”

Approximately 85 percent of women seeking shelter from domestic violence in Massachusetts also reported pet abuse in their home. About 50 percent of children in shelter care reported protecting household pets from harm, and as many as 25 percent of domestic violence victims have reported that concern for their pets was a factor in their decision to leave or stay with an alleged batterer, ….

“” “”

One proposal is for a statewide foster care system, to offer safe places for pets in domestic cases where someone fears leaving because of what might happen to their pets.

Seminars like this need to held everywhere. – Officials in Dale County, Ala. are looking at an increase in animal cruelty cases, having faced more than 12 such instances in the first six months of 2010.

The Bennington Banner out of Vermont took a look recently into the mindset of cruelty. Dr. Jennifer Michaels, a psychiatric medicine specialist, was quoted at one point in the story as saying – “It’s almost as if they are missing the genes for sensitivity.”

That suggestion certainly seems to be the case for those who abuse animals.


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