Update on JoJo and her battle with cancer

An e-mail conversation today with the fellow animal blogger brought to mind the fact that I haven’t posted an update of late about JoJo, our greyhound who is battling mandibular osteosarcoma.

She had surgery several months ago and has since completed her radiation and chemo treatments. She’ll have another of many follow-up checkups on Friday. Hopefully, the results will again prove to be positive.

Osteosarcoma is a nasty cancer and the odds are – unfortunately – that it will crop up again at some point in the future. Her surgery and treatments are meant to extend her life and we’re just hoping she beats the odds.

JoJo is doing well for a girl of 11 years and she has been playing and romping inside and in the backyard.

This is one area of greyhound rescue that is tough to handle. Due to the horrible breeding practices of the industry and probably in part due to the frequent injuries, cancers can rear its ugly head. Recent studies have shown osteosarcoma is most prevalent in racing greyhounds.

The racing industry, predictably enough, passes the responsibility and medical costs of caring for the dogs on to the rescue groups and to the families who take in the retired racers.

We have another rescued greyhound, Dash, who is a survivor of a fibrosarcoma. He had an ear removed and chemo treatments several years ago and he’s still hanging in there, at age 12.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds to me that a nice dose of Reiki is needed.


  2. Wishing you the best in the next round of checkups. I know the waiting for information can be the hardest part sometimes!


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