Proposed federal puppy mill regulation is a good step

I found a McClatchy Newspapers article concerning the newly-proposed federal bill to regulate commercial dog breeding. The PUPS Act – or Puppy Uniform Protection Statute – would close a rather large hole in current law that allows large breeding operations to sell puppies – unregulated – directly to consumers online.

Breeders that sell puppies for resale through other entities are currently regulated, licensed and inspected – in theory anyway – at the federal level. But those who sell to the public are using the loophole to avoid licensing and inspections.

Some people are opposing this step by the federal government. But let’s stop here first. Why should breeders that sell for commercial resale fall under federal regulations while others operate under the radar? One point of argument is they should all fall under the same standards and rules.

But of course, beyond the legalities are the dogs who are suffering in small cages every single day of their lives – and with little to no exercise or veterinary care.

And of course, we’re hearing the same broken record from organizations that oppose better standards and better treatment of animals.

From the McClatchy piece –

“” “”

Critics say the proposed law would be an unnecessary burden on legitimate breeders who take good care of their dogs.

“I don’t think it will do any good, because they don’t have time to enforce what we have,” said Rosemarie Blood, the president of the Sacramento Kennel Club. “I think everybody should go by their own conscience and stand behind their dogs.”

“” “”

The first sentence defies logic, since the truly good and legitimate breeders do indeed take good care of their dogs. The new law will only prove to be a burden on substandard breeders who don’t allow for exercise time, keep their dogs in tiny cages and offer them substandard care. This is the point to having the new regulations.

If a breeder is burden by the minimum standards applied in the many of the new state and federal bills, that presents a significant red flag.

On to the next point. Law enforcement agencies are complaining because current laws don’t give them the proper tools in the battle against puppy mills. They have to set up sting operations and go the extra mile to bring about charges, because the current regulations in too many states are far too weak.

And finally – “everybody should go by their own conscience” – ? Are you kidding me?

For decades puppy mill breeders and companies like BP have been able to freely operate on their own conscience – and look at the result. Dogs are suffering by the thousands and more every single day. And we’ve got the largest environment tragedy in our nation’s history in the Gulf of Mexico.

I can’t believe the individual quoted really thinks what she was quoted as saying is based at all in reality. I’ll have some more important thoughts on the puppy mill issue and new regulations later today. Stay tuned.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kimm on June 29, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    What would classify as large scale breeding operations? Where would the line in the sand be drawn? If the Fed’s were to make a new law covering on line sales, they will most likely have a definition of what a ‘kennel’ must be, but what about the committed to the breed, breeders who keep their dogs in the home with them?


  2. Posted by Tom Grady on June 29, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    For this legislation, it would apply to breeders who sell more than 50 puppies per year.

    The best breeders, in my book, are the ones who have their dogs living with them as pets in the home. I have visited breeding facilities where the breeding dogs lived in separate quarters that were climate-controlled – and the dogs had large, separate male and female play yards.
    The breeders who are the focus of proposals such as the one in the story are those who house their dogs in cages 24/7 and offer them very little care – in terms of quality of life, feeding and medical care.


  3. Posted by Kay Rade on April 19, 2011 at 2:28 am

    How can I help? I have a bad back and ankles so don’t get around good, but I have a BA in English and write pretty decently and can also do phone work. I live in Goliad, TX. Hog dogs are very popular in this area since we have seen a large rise in wild hogs.
    These dogs are trained to hunt and are underfed, their owners thinking they will hunt better. I am sure there are some bad breeders around. Would be interested in doing research and investigation and possibly some political advocation. I drive fine. Let me know if I can help. Are you a non profit 501(3)c organization?


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