‘Puppy farms’ and greyhound racing in the UK news

Newly proposed legislation in Wales would set better standards in what are called “puppy farms” in the region. And two greyhounds recently lost their lives after injuries sustained during races at Manchester’s Belle Vue Stadium.

First, the puppy farm news: The BBC reports the plan to replace the Breeding of Dogs Act in Wales will, among other things, set a standard of one human caregiver to 20 dogs at breeding facilities.

From the BBC piece –

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Claire Lawson, RSPCA’s external affairs manager for Wales, welcomed the announcement: “In recent years Wales has witnessed a growing problem in the commercial production of puppies.

“We hope that these new regulations will give greater powers to tackle bad practice in the dog breeding industry, especially the so-called ‘puppy farms’.

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Dog Magazine published a story on its website Wednesday about the greyhound racing deaths in Manchester, within span of 10 days.

Also from the story –

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“In addition, hundreds of other Greyhounds, bred because of the demand created by Belle Vue (Stadium), are put to death as puppies or young dogs, before they even make it to the track, after being judged unsuitable for racing.

“According to recent research, more than 12,000 Greyhounds, bred for the British racing industry, are ‘put down’ every year, after failing to make the grade as racers or when their ‘careers’ on the tracks come to an end.

“” “”

When will other countries, along with our federal and state governments in the US, begin to give compassion greating standing than greed? Greed has ruled for far too long.


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  1. Posted by Mandy on July 8, 2010 at 3:13 pm

    The British Government funded the establishment of these puppy farms after the BSE scares in the British Beef industry … an alternate industry for the poor farmers whose losses were high.
    This doesn’t impress me that the Government continues to allow the breeding of puppies from quite literally a farming and livestock point of view. There are massive socialisation implications for these puppies, regardless of new, yet still totally flawed standards. Plse have a look at the video below:

    This is a lesson on how to raise puppies bound for rescue centres … unhousetrained and socially maladjusted puppies. Just what novice pet owners need.


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