BP’s board game from the ’70s recounted the dangers of offshore oil drilling

The “This Just In” blog on the CNN website posted an interesting piece this week on a BP offshore oil-drilling board game from the 1970s.

The players had to be prepared for a potential large-scale oil spill, and would face the cleanup costs. The game had “hazard cards.”

So the board game developers knew about the hazards of offshore oil drilling at the time. But nearly 40 years after the game’s release, no one in the industry across the board knows what to do to stop a gusher 5,000 feet down.

From what we’ve learned about the duplicate, cut-and-paste disaster plans from a number oil companies, it’s clear they know how to drill but they don’t have a collective clue about how to protect people, wildlife or the environment from a disaster of their making.

So we’re suppose to just let these people continue to drill offshore, in the Gulf and in new wells along the East Coast? That’s like insisting the most inebriated guy in the bar should be the designated driver for the night. That’s like deciding today to trust Bernie Madoff with your life savings.


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