From New York to Australia, there is a call to curb the sale of pets in stores

A piece posted is suggesting New York City might be the next big city to ban the sale of pets in stores.

And the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the RSPCA is calling for an Australian boycott of buying puppies and dogs from pet stores.

But one paragraph from the latter story is particularly troubling –

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But RSPCA president Dr Hugh Wirth admits that might be asking a lot. Research shows that buying animals from pet shops is increasingly popular: in 2003, 17 per cent of animals were bought from shops; over the past 12 months that figure has risen to 53 per cent. More disturbingly, only 37 per cent of the community has concerns about animals being sold in pet shops.

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Is the message not getting out in Australia? What is that 53 percent of the population thinking?

This is so sad, considering the RSPCA statistic reported in story puts the number at 95 percent, for puppies sold in the country that are from puppy mills, just as we see reported in the United States.

More education is clearly needed.


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