The greyhound racing debate – from Iowa to New Hampshire

Iowa is one of the remaining states where greyhound racing continues, sadly. reports a group of protesters gathered Saturday in front of the Mystique Casino in Dubuque, Iowa.

The state’s second dog-racing track is located at Bluffs Run Greyhound Park in Council Bluffs. The article notes Iowa is “one of only seven states now that still allow commercial dog races.”

And out of Laconia, NH ran an editorial and a news story Monday concerning the state’s newly-signed law banning commercial dog racing.

Two excerpts from the editorial tell the tale –

“” Publicity surrounding the alleged inhumane treatment of racing greyhounds at some venues undoubtedly hurt the sport. “”

“” “” But a far bigger reason for dwindling turnout at greyhound tracks is the drop in interest in pari-mutuel betting generally. Casinos and slot-machine parlors have lured away much of the racetracks’ business. “” “”

Yes, increased awareness has led to a drop in gambling on greyhound racing. But actually the “far bigger reason for dwindling turnout at greyhound tracks” referenced in the second excerpt is actually due to the same fact – people are going to other forms of gambling because they’ve learned more about greyhound racing.


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