The no-vote on NC’s Puppy Mill Bill prompts reaction

The recent decision to table the Senate Bill 460 at the committee level in the North Carolina House of Representatives is gaining reaction from a number of sources. In my view, the letters and editorials linked below show people don’t want powerful special interests holding so much influence on legislative bodies anywhere.

We’re seeing in the Gulf of Mexico what can happen when the elite and the powerful grab influence over governmental entities. And this practice has been going on far too long.

The phrase was “We the people” when the country and its government were formed. The US Constitution doesn’t contain provisions for corporations or special interest groups to hold more power than the citizens of the country. And while I know large campaign contributions are turned into floor votes, it just simply should not be that way.

If you or I walked into the office of our elected representative or called or wrote a letter, it should carry more weight than a call, letter or meeting with an industry lobbyist. Anything less is less than constitutional and seems warped in my view. It’s simply distasteful.

By no means am I stating that all elected official show favoritism for money over people.

And I know there are individuals “lobbying” as representatives of groups or organizations – representing groups of people. All that’s fine. I get it. But it is clear that money is yielding too much power at the local, state and federal levels. It shouldn’t be that way.

Okay, I’ll end the rant here and get to the links.

Letter to Editor – The Pilot: “Lawmakers failed to protect animals

Letters to Editor – Raleigh News & Observer: “Mills’ cruelty” – and “Egads – empathy?” – and “Goodbye, barbecue

And a recent editorial titled “Don’t be cruel, General Assembly” – from The News-Herald out of Ohio certainly relates to the issues at hand in North Carolina.


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  1. Posted by Sandra B. on July 12, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    The writer of Goodbye, barbecue sums it up very well. Groups like the Pork Council, through their lobbying against humane standards for puppies (or any other creatures, for that matter) are the authors of their own misfortune. I can’t think of a bigger turn-off than knowing that one is giving money to an industry that feels entitled to inflict misery on animals in the name of the almighty buck. If y’all don’t want to keep up with the times, you can go belly up from bankruptcy for all I care.


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