Opponents of NC Puppy Mill Bill getting slammed – rightfully so – in print and online

Wow! I’ve got more links today from editorials that go after the opponents of SB460 – the North Carolina bill which contains proposed regulations on commercial dog breeders.

First up is a great letter to the editor from the Carrboro Citizen, headlined “Shameful behavior.”

The writer correctly points out regulations are in place for pet stores and shelters, but certain groups don’t want breeders covered by similar legislation to protect the animals and the people who purchase the pets.

An editorial from the Raleigh News & Observer posted Wednesday notes the NC Pork Council’s opposition to the bill, which can best be described as silly. The organization opposes the bill because the Humane Society of the US supports it. It’s the same argument that a child might use as reason they don’t want to go that restaurant for dinner because that’s where their brother wants to go. And he always gets to pick.

The Pilot out of Southern Pines, NC ran an editorial Wednesday also pondering the lack of logic in opposing a measure because that other guy likes it.

I’ve read a number of letters or editorials pointing out the slippery slope feared by the Pork Council, dog breeding groups and the NRA are actually slippery slopes to more humane treatment of animals. These groups fear that more laws will be enacted to protect animals from torture and neglect.

Again, I wouldn’t want to be on the side of the argument.


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