Test-lab beagles rescued in New Jersey

This is such a sad story. A facility in New Jersey that performs so-called testing on dogs went bankrupt recently and 118 beagles were left behind.

Fortunately, they have been rescued, but will certainly need some rehabilitation from their long ordeal.

From the USA Today’s Paw Print Post report on the rescue –

“” The first time they saw actual sunlight was a stunning moment to many of them. And most were tentative about walking on grass, having never stepped on anything like that before. And the people with outstretched arms? Very strange. After all those months of regimentation, this attention and stimulation and all the odd new sensations were obviously jarring. “”

Thankfully, 28 of the beagles had already been adopted, as of Monday morning – according to USA Today. Also, it seems the dogs had never played even been allowed to play with toys.

These animal-testing facilities are supposed to be engaged in scientific research, but too few understand animal behavior and cognition. Scientific research on animals without a complete understanding of animals is both cruel and empty.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Best Friends Animal Society sent a Rapid Response team there to help out. They have been posting on the beagles and how they are adjusting.


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