A pack of links on the issues of puppy mills and the sale of puppies in pet stores

Thankfully, the topics surrounding the retail sale of puppies and the specific relation to puppy mills continues to be a hot item in the media, at least at the local and regional level.

Statesman.com: The Petland store in South Austin, Texas was set to close July 17. The store management, according to this story, blames a proposed city ban on the retail sale of dogs and cats.

The store had been the focus of regular protest each Saturday, bringing attention to the issue of pet sales in stores and the connection to puppy mills.

Gothamist: The 62 Petland Discount chain of stores in New York have signed the Humane Society of the United States’ puppy friendly pet store pledge.” The company, which is reportedly is not part of the Petland company that does indeed sell puppies, will not sell puppies and will support adoption programs in the region.

UPI.com: UPI reports on the trend of cities across the country considering bans on pets sales in stores.

The Pilot: A letter to the editor offers more thoughts on the NC puppy mill bill and the groups that fought against it. The writer rightfully notes that puppies are sometimes taken from their mothers in puppy mills at 6 weeks of age.

Again, this is an issue that needs to be addressed. Puppies need to stay with their moms and siblings until at least 10 weeks of age. Often, the best breeders will refuse to sell too early.

KETKNBC.com: This story notes Texas currently has no regulation on breeders.

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Representative Senfronia Thompson of Houston wants to put animal breeders in the same category as plumbers and hair stylists.

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