Three greyhounds found abandoned in NM and more greys rescued in alleged hoarder case

This video reports on three starving greyhounds found roaming in New Mexico. It is notable that one is shown with part of its ear missing, as racing dogs are tattooed with ID numbers in their ears.

And …

Twenty-eight dogs were rescued from an alleged hoarder in Fort Worth, Texas. A story on noted the dogs were “mostly greyhounds and greyhound mixes plus one Saluki.”

The local Humane Society reports the dogs were living in small cages, with no food or water, in shed on the property. And if these conditions weren’t bad enough, all of the dogs were described as being covered with thousands of ticks.

Despite the dire condition of dogs, the Examiner story states it took some convincing and the threat of a warrant to get the property owner to turn over the animals to authorities.


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