Columnist looks at defining the definition of ‘no-kill’

I found a column Sunday on the Las Cruces Sun-News website, written by Judy Long, who is identified as “a retired professor of sociology and longtime animal lover.”

Long offers her take on the issue of ‘no-kill,’ as it relates to a system of municipal shelters that euthanize homeless pets.

It’s a thoughtful review of the dilemma faced in counties across the nation, with an unyielding conveyor of new pets going into shelters and rescue organizations – and the deficit of adoptive homes.

What we all need to do is work together to reach this no-kill goal. But what we have now is a real and tragic problem. Too many homeless pets are being produced and we don’t have enough homes to regularly take them all in.

Thousands of people across the country are working to solve the problem every day, within local and national rescue organizations. Groups are working to transport homeless pets to areas where more homes might be available.

In many areas, local rescues are working with municipal shelters to find new families to adopt victims of abuse, neglect, apathy or the economic downturn. But housing, space, funding and other resources are limited. The no-kill goal will take time in some areas of the country.

But let’s continue to be clear on this topic. Those at fault include the likes of puppy mill operators, the greyhound racing industry, dog auction operations, irresponsible pet owners and people who refuse to spay and neuter.

With education on a grand scale and proper regulations, we can reduce the number of homeless pets that die each year and can hopefully reach the mutual goal we all should be working to reach.


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