Catalonia parliament votes to ban bullfighting in its region of Spain

In an amazing turn for the better, the parliament in Catalonia, Spain has voted to ban bullfighting. It is – as reported by the BBC – the first region of the mainland to do so.

The vote of 68 to 55, with nine abstaining, came on the heels of a petition presented with 180,000 signatures opposing bullfighting as “barbaric and outdated.” Hopefully, the remaining regions of Spain’s mainland will join the humane 21st century and ban the practice as well.

The story notes the Canary Islands shut down bullfighting back in 1991.

From the BBC piece –

“” Pro-bullfighting groups fear that a ban could spark a wave of similar campaigns across the country. They argue that threatens the livelihood of thousands of people. “”

This same argument is used across the board for other industries that are coming under scrutiny for inhumane practices. But industries that engage in cruel or torturous acts against animals can’t be permitted to continue those practices because they supply jobs. Dog fighting supplies jobs and did so when it was legal in the US.

The way to go is to shut down entities like bullfighting and greyhound racing and work overtime to find new jobs for those working within those industries.


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  1. Posted by D Gary Grady on July 28, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    From what I’ve heard, bullfighting has been dying out in Catalonia — a distinctive region with its own language — for decades and had relatively few remaining fans, so it’s not clear that the movement will catch on in other parts of Spain where the “sport” is more popular.


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