Effort continues to ban dog auctions in Ohio – and writer offers his take on pet store puppy sales

The Coalition to Ban Ohio Dog Auctions is thankfully still working diligently on its effort to ban the practice of selling dogs at auctions.

Mary O’Conner-Shaver is one of the individuals heading up the movement for a ballot measure and she notes Ohio is one of few states where dog auctions are still legal – from a story posted on WYTV.com.

As I’ve noted before, dog auctions are the nasty cousins of the equally nasty puppy mill industry.

And the Business Journal Daily also ran a story and interview with O’Conner-Shaver on Wednesday of this week.

The key goal in her group’s work is noted in one paragraph from the article –

“” “”

If enough valid signatures are collected by the Dec. 1 deadline, O’Connor-Shaver says, the proposed law would go directly to the state legislature in January 2011. Legislators would have four months to act on it. If they choose not to act on it, she says, “We would pursue it for the ballot initiative to the voters in November 2011.”

“” “”

Talk radio host Mark Edwards offers his views on pet store puppy sales in a piece posted on The Dallas Morning News website.

Edwards concludes – “” Whether in stores or a trailer in the country, we need conscientious licensing and regulation of anyone selling animals. “”

That’s a more than reasonable statement.


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  1. the pet store here in our area offers me a great deal of discount when i buy from them ,”~


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