Online gambling site calls for end to betting on greyhound racing

In an op/ed published on, is calling for an end to gambling on any activities that involved cruelty to animals, such as greyhound racing.

Jack Mason of is quoted in the piece – “Greyhound races and galgo hunting and the treatment that the dogs receive are more like scenes from a horror movie. I urge my colleagues to check their websites and remove any content that promotes, encourages or facilitates greyhound betting and racing.”

People are urged to sign a petition against greyhound racing at (warning – graphic image) – and readers are directed to

The Spanish galgos – similar in appearance to greyhounds – are reportedly hung after their usefulness for the hunters is over. The treatment of these dogs, from breeding to the course of their lives, is horrible. They are thought of as nothing more than tools.

It would be great if the gambling community across the nation and the world got behind this effort to end greyhound racing and cruelty such as galgo hunting.

Those who support greyhound racing often cite economic factors or the advent of other forms of gambling as the reason behind the decline of gambling on dog racing.  The decline is actually due to an increase in awareness of the atrocities committed against the dogs.

This call for an end of racing, within the gambling community, is a reflection of this reality. People would much more prefer to bet on a card game or slot machine, as opposed to events where dogs suffer inhumane conditions and too often, death.


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  1. I’m definitely against animal cruelty. This is especially true when it comes to dogs, but I think banning the sport of Greyhound racing altogether is like throwing the baby out with the bath water. It seems like it would make more sense to push for more regulations that would prohibit any kind of mistreatment of these regal canine athletes.


    • Posted by Tom Grady on July 30, 2010 at 6:19 pm

      The problem is, there are some inherent issues with greyhound racing that, more than likely, the industry will not want to correct – in terms of its mistreatment of the dogs.
      The dogs should not be caged for so many hours each day. Dogs should live in a home setting – not caged 20+ hours each day.
      The risk of injury is too great.
      The retired dogs immediately face three options – death, rescue kennel or breeding.
      Thousands are still dying each that the industry doesn’t count in its adoption percentages. And for the other thousands that go into rescue each year, it only adds to the already tragic numbers of homelessness for dogs across the country.
      Will the industry ever take full responsibility for the dogs or will it continue to pass off that responsibility to rescuers? The cost of dealing with the cancers, other illnesses and emotional issues should be covered by the industry.
      It would be better if better regulations were in place, but I don’t think the industry will agree to put in place guidelines that need to be followed. The insiders would consider it too costly, especially at a time when the industry is losing revenue in a big way.


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