The topic of animal cruelty making headlines across the country

I keep stressing the importance of keeping issues related to animal welfare high on the list for local and national media outlets. The trend seems to be continuing, at least I hope my perception is correct.

Just over the last few days, I’ve seen a number important stories pop up on my personal news alert system.

The Baltimore Sun reported Friday on the findings of a task force, including recommendations to curb animal abuse cases in the city. This story notes Baltimore’s problems include “dogfighting, cases of abuse, no law enforcement dedicated to tracking down and prosecuting abusers, and an animal control department stretched thin. Even so, the report includes dozens of suggestions for improvement, many of which would cost nothing.”

The recommendations include teaching “the public how to spot abuse, start a low- to no-cost program to spay and neuter pit bulls, and launch a campaign with signs and bus advertisements to encourage people to report violence against dogs and cats.”

Florence, SC is in the news because of an animal-cruelty case involving a dog left to die in a crate in someone’s backyard – after going days without food and water in sweltering conditions.

According to, the accused was  fined of $1,092 and sentenced to 30 days in jail and was ordered to surrender his other animals.

Heading out west to Grand Junction, Colo., reviewed a case where a man was sentenced to three years in prison for dragging a dog to death. Unfortunately, I’m guessing he won’t serve out that full sentence.

The article suggests animal abuse and neglect cases are on the rise in the area. And people are talking about needing stronger laws and harsher punishments. Good.

And in Mississippi, the state still doesn’t have a felony animal-cruelty law on the books. Why?

A recent bill in the Mississippi State House died before getting a chance for full debate on the floor.


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  1. Posted by BillCherryJr on August 1, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    The crime is that we use animals at all. What else can I say?


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