The issue of animal abusers

I’ve got links to two opinion pieces – one on treatment for those who abuse animals and the other pushing for tougher punishments for the abusers.

Robin Starr of the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported some sad numbers in her editorial on Sunday.

In 2009 there were 18 felony convictions in Virginia on animal cruelty charges and among those cases eight individuals were not required to serve time and eight more only received sentences of a few days to a few months.
And the state has also been soft on those convicted of dog fighting. Seven of 10 people convicted of dog fighting in 2009 did not serve any time at all and 24 months was longest sentence handed out.
Another individual, a repeat offender, did get 10 years earlier this year. Maybe we’ll see better justice there now.

A letter to the editor on suggests people who abuse animals should undergo psychological evaluation and treatment.


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