Missouri circuit judge rules anti-puppy mill bill can move forward as written

A group in Missouri had filed a motion to have a November ballot measure reworded, to remove the phrase “puppy mill.” But Cole County Circuit Judge Jon Beetem rightfully upheld the original wording Friday.

The opponents of the bill who don’t like the use of the term “puppy mill” are suggesting it slams all breeders. This suggestion by the groups and individuals opposing the bill is actually the affront to the nation’s quality breeders. This bill and others like it are worded to set standards on the care and feeding of dogs housed in breeding facilities. Good breeders meet or exceed the minimum standards in the bill and thus will not be impacted by it.

Had the judge ruled on the other side of the table, opponents of the bill were going to try to use the ruling to stop the measure from appearing on the November ballot at all – as reported in an Association Press story posted on the Kansas City Star website. This would have denied the voters of Missouri their opportunity to vote.

This following sentence pulled from the story shows the lack of logic used by the opponents of better regulation on puppy mills –

“” Opponents contend the proposed rules would affect licensed dog breeders who already follow the rules and make it more expensive for people to buy dogs as pets. “”

So these people are saying the breeders who already meet the minimum standards of care in their facilities will be affected by rules they won’t have to adapt to. WHAT?
Again, I keep reading statements such as this from opponents of puppy mill bills, but none of them ever explain or offer particulars on how breeders who won’t have to adapt to the regulations will be impacted.
It’s just an empty, blanket statement. It’s like saying, ‘I would never steal from anyone, but the legislature is coming after me with a new law against bank robbery.’
Is a law against embezzlement an attack on everyone in the financial industry?
This Puppy Mill Bill is a proposed law with the goal of shutting down puppy mills in the state. So using the term puppy mill is extremely appropriate. The state would not title a bill designed to stop drunk drivers – “The Anti-Driving Act.” It would probably include some variation on the phrase – “drunk driving,” because it is the target of the bill.
Judge Beetem ruled the only way he logically could rule. Good job.

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  1. Posted by michelle on August 15, 2010 at 8:13 am

    what would they prefure these dogs are kept like chickens .though I love chickens too they don’t breed them for profit we eat their eggs for FOOD I have alittle blogspot also where i am no writter but a true believer that animals are being over produced and that if we pay taxes wht don’t breeders pay . I bet if we had a pay per litter the breeders would stop


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