Amantes ¡bravo! españoles de animal – Bravo Spanish animal lovers

The animal lovers of Spain are stepping forward in an effort to bring to an end to the cruel and torturous so-called “tradition” of bull fighting.

The New York Times reported protestors took to the streets Saturday in Madrid to show their opposition to the cruelty. It has gone on far too long.

I saw a video this week of a bull trying to escape a bull-fighting event by jumping into out of the ring and into the stands. For his effort to seek freedom, he was killed. The offenders were actually the people participating and watching the torture, not the bull.

Lawmakers in Catalonia voted recently to ban bull fighting in that region of the country. The good people of Spain are no doubt using this move as a ray of hope to free bulls throughout the nation.

From the New York Times story

“” Legal experts like José M. de Areilza, dean of the IE Law School in Madrid, noted that the government had long anticipated a backlash against bullfighting but expected such pressure to come more from outside than within the country. “”

But organizations such as Fundación Equanimal are organizing protests.

So I say again – Bravo Spanish animal lovers – amantes ¡bravo! españoles de animal.


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