LA battling illegal bunny sales

On the streets of some areas of Los Angeles, Calif. baby bunnies just a few days old are being sold from cages on the sidewalks. Taken too soon from their mothers, they will die soon after.

Video from a story by KABC TV

Vodpod videos no longer available.

LA battling illegal bunny sales, posted with vodpod

As someone who studies animal behavior, I am often far more perplexed with some human behavior. What goes through the mind of someone who would run a puppy mill or in this case a rabbit mill and snatch the babies from their mothers days later, to be sold to die?

Is there a moral compass inside these people or inside the mind of someone who runs a dog-fighting operation? Do they at any point during any day feel an ounce of remorse for their actions or even a tiny twinge of empathy for the animals?

And of course, bunnies are not the only victims. In this story, birds and turtles are being sold on the street corners.


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